Friday, October 21, 2016

Welcome to my Customer Satisfaction Blog. Many of your already know about my passion for helping businesses by revealing the results of my research - The Statistical Predictors of Customer Satisfaction, loyalty and predicting customer return and recommend rates. 

The profound insights for businesses large and small that have been revealed through my research with over 2 million satisfaction survey respondents across a wide range of industries is the core subject matter of this blog.

 While many businesses 'hunt and pack' their way through different changes in an attempt to positively influence customer behavior, none have this comprehensive, methodical and reliable approach which gives an organization accurate assessment of current levels of customer satisfaction, return and recommend rate percentages and their strengths and weaknesses in the eyes of customers.

 I will be presenting a series of articles and other resources for business owners , corporate managers or anyone concerned with the customer supplier relationship. This will be new knowledge and fresh perspectives for many of you out there. Rest assured that the knowledge presented in my research is not some overworked set of platitudes about 'front line customer service' - but is instead presents a comprehensive review of the 10 categories (and forty individual factors) that define the customer satisfaction experience - and which will touch virtually every aspect of your business.

I have developed an organizational audit which any business can participate in that will accurately predict your customer return and recommend rate, identify your satisfaction strengths and weaknesses and which can be used to analyze your competitors to develop a more effective business strategy in your own market. 

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